My Life and Lessons
by Gene Van Shaar

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This book is full of surprises and adventure. It shines a gospel light on real-world situations and helps us see how we can overcome whatever surprises life has in store for us, with faith and commitment to true principles.

Here is more of the editor's preface by Diana Miles:

"I started attending The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the summer before 9th grade, then found myself in early morning seminary two months later. Brother Van Shaar was my teacher and provided my introduction to the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a wonderful introduction it was! It was fun for me to read through this manuscript for the first time, because so many of these stories stuck with me from when I was a student and became part of who I am and how I understand the gospel. That in itself is remarkable. After all, how many lessons do you remember from twenty-seven years ago? My favorite classes were the ones where he told stories.

"Gene Van Shaar was a master storyteller who would have you laughing, then groaning in disgust, then crying because the Spirit was so very strong. This book will help you become excited about the gospel and to expect miracles in your life. You will learn that they really do happen in the lives of faith-filled, but otherwise ordinary people. In this book, Gene Van Shaar has created for you an independent-study gospel course, based on his life and lessons. I hope you will really engage with the material. Look up the references. Make notes and ask questions in the margins. Each chapter ends with carefully crafted questions. Take the time to prayerfully study and answer them, and discuss them with your family. As you do so, the Spirit will whisper to your mind, and you will find 'treasures of wisdom and knowledge.'"