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In addition to the CCI NewsRoom, you may also access this content through the Clear Creek Institute group at (The Next-Gen Social Network). Here are some of the reasons we like, use, and recommend MeWe:

  • MeWe is free and generally ad-free.
  • MeWe does not track or snoop or sell your information.
  • MeWe avoids bias censorship and favoritism.
  • MeWe gives you more control over your data and group.
  • MeWe has many great features, including pictures, links, texting and chat.
  • MeWe has lots of interesting content, and works well as a phone app or computer website.

In order to enjoy all the benefits, just join MeWe and our CCI group. Signing up is easy using only a valid phone number or email address and whatever screen name you want. New group members are admitted as viewers but may become contributors via email request.


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CCI MeWe Group Info: Group posts are all listed together by date in the time line. However, the group has several preset topics or hashtags which can be used to search or sort group posts according to your interests.