The Biggest Library in the World

There are actually millions of books available online for free. In order to download and read these books you might need these library keys:

(1) Most online books are in PDF format and your device may or may not have a PDF reader installed. Regardless, we recommend the Xodo PDF reader, which is free. Xodo can be launched as a web app at this link: https://www.xodo.com. This same link also provides a download that can be installed on your computer. Also, the Xodo app can be downloaded and installed on phones and tablets from the Google play store or the Itunes Apple store.

(2) When you download a PDF book you need to put it a place that you can easily find and access it. On a computer just make sure to get it in the folder you want. However, phones will often automatically rename the downloaded file and put it in an obscure location. This issue can usually be overcome by opening the Xodo (or other) PDF reader and searching for the title of the book. The search feature should find it when you enter the first word. Thereafter, you should be able find it easily by looking under Recent.

(3) Of course you can perform an online search for books that you want to read or download, but in our opinion the following two URLs are the best. Enjoy the biggest library in the world.




Home Schooling Info

"Who else, besides a parent, knows what is best for their own children ... Some parents might feel intimidated at the prospect of educating their own children, especially if they do not have a background in education. But homeschooling is more accessible today than ever before." Link to home school resource library: http://www.iamhomeschooling.com/homeschool-curriculum-providers/national-homeschool-curriculum-providers?limitstart=0