Mike Rowe Exposes The 'Dirty' Truth About America's Skills Gap And Flatlining Workforce


Insights Into Dealing With Skin Problems



Emergency Fire Starters

Most of the time a Bic lighter is all you need. Bic lighters will generally remain useful longer than other inexpensive lighters. Here is a link to a website with helpful info about various fire starters.  



Fire Starting With Bow and Drill

If you want to learn something that could save your life, watch this 23 minute video.


The following link will play a fun and fascinating four minute audio using parts of the sound track from the previous video. See if you can get the message, both literal and symbolic. Focus On Your Form


Survival Tools

The links below lead to survival tools that we have we have found to be very useful and durable.




Tick and Chigger Protection

Some farmers and outdoorsmen have had good results using Permanone. This product is available at some Wal-mart stores. The active ingredient is the poison permethrin. This is the same ingredient which has been used in some shampoo lice treatments such as Nix and Rid. Permethrin in liquid or powder form for livestock use is available at many farm supply stores.

WARNING: Some folks who already have chigger bites have obtained relief by rubbing the bites with laundry bleach on a cotton swab and then rinsing off the bleach, but you should be aware that chlorine bleach is highly toxic and contact with it, or even breathing the fumes, can cause a harmful reaction.


Hero Mom

"In this case, Mama did what she had to do and ended a threat to her little girl. But also, in this case, Mama made the world a little safer for all the other little girls out there."







Is There a Friendship Crisis?

"People with strong friendships survive 7.5 years longer"